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​Six Month Trial Membership

For those prospective members new to the area, or not familiar with the club, there is the six month trial membership program. Trial Memberships may be purchased with an initiation fee of $1,000.00. Trial members are charged $210.00 monthly dues and a $15.00 Kramer Café minimum. The $1,000.00 initiation fee is applied to the cost of an equity membership after 6 months if the member chooses to purchase an equity membership. If an equity membership is not purchased the $1,000.00 initiation fee will be forfeited upon the expiration of the trial membership.

Equity Membership

Collectively, Equity Members are the owners of the club. Equity members are issued stock certificates and may serve on the Club’s Board of Directors. The general manager facilitates the transfer of all equity memberships between prospective members and selling members at current market price. Equity status includes family privileges for all tennis, swim, and social activities at the club. The seller pays a 20% transfer fee to the club upon the sale of stock shares. Monthly dues are $180.00 and a monthly Kramer Café minimum fee of $15.00.

​Junior Tennis Membership

The club offers junior tennis memberships for kids aged 6 to 18 with an initiation fee of $400 (See Promotional Offer Below) which is applied to the cost of an Equity membership if purchased. Junior members are charged $88.00 monthly dues and a $300.00 annually renewal fee. Junior memberships must be approved by both the Club General Manager and the Club Director of Tennis. Junior members have use of the tennis facilities and swimming pool, and are subject to the Clubs regulations governing junior use of the facilities.

Swim Membership

 A limited number of individual and family swim memberships are offered by the club. An annual fee of $3,000 for family or $2200 for individuals is charged and monthly dues are not charged, but the monthly $15.00 Kramer Café minimum applies. Swim members receive member pricing on club services, however court privileges are not included.

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